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A gift is never expected, but I do have several who wish to get me something special.  So, for them, I offer a few suggestions.


Gift cards are great, and I do love them.  You can gift me a gift card from Victoria Secret, Amazon, Academy Sports, Home Depot, or PetSense.  They are all favorites of mine!  Feel free to click on the Amazon icon on the side, as it will lead you to my wish list.


I do enjoy visiting family out of state, so any help with obtaining a plane ticket to do so would be much appreciated!  Clicking on the American Airlines icon will allow you to do that.


A few other things that I enjoy:


-Fruit trays

-Wine (Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz blends)

-Patron Gold (love my margaritas!)

-Jack Daniels

-Silver jewelry


-Bra and panty sets

​-Workout wear:

     Yoga pants

     Running shorts

     Sports bras

     Tech t-shirts


     *If purchasing clothes, my measurements are:

          Bust 36"

          Chest 32"

          Waist 32"

          Hips 40"

          Bra size 36D

          Dress size is a 10 or a Large


Please do not gift me anything scented, I do have sensitive skin and will not be able to use it. Except for Lush products, and products listed on my Amazon wish list, as I have had very good luck with them. 



Much appreciate the gift that makes me smile.



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