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Options for Meeting Up

**No haggeling. No discounts. No grandfathered rates.** 

Our first time meeting

400 - 90mins
500 - 2hrs
200 - each add. hour

I love to get to know you, so all first time meeting will be at a minimum of 90 minutes. I ask for 30 minutes of introductions first, this will help to ensure mutual comfort with each other before the fireworks, 

Well met friends

After our first meeting, things tend to become more frisky and move along at a quicker pace. One hour may be all we need, but longer engagements are still encouraged. 

300 - 1hr
400 - 90mins
500 - 2hrs
200 - each add. hour

Out to Lunch

Put that "Out to Lunch" sign out, and let's see what kind of trouble we can get into before you have to get back to work. We can go out for a bite, and squeeze in some fun. Three hours altogether, must include a meal.

3hr lunch date

All Night Long

Plan an overnight with me and the fun never stops!
This time together will be whatever we make it, maybe dinner out, or we can order in!

2000 for12 hours

200 each add. hour

After Dark Considerations

Due to not being able to drive in low light, evening meet ups and dinner dates must be planned as overnights. If an overnight is not in your budget, and you only would like to visit between 1-4 hours with me, let's talk and see what arrangements we can make. To cater to this, I will still need to make arrangements for myself to stay overnight.
This will be more than my normal rates!

*If food, room, travel, or any other expenses occur during our visit, you will be responsible since you will be my host.

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