Our Options for Meeting Up

Wine Time

​The most popular of my options! Just a short visit for us to get to know each other over a bottle of wine, other adult beverage, or coffee!  Whatever relaxes you, I enjoy them all! The perfect way to temporarily suspend time and forget all of our troubles.

     -These visits are usually between 1 to 3 hours

300 1st hour

200 each add. hour

​Let's get physical

​Being an active person, I enjoy any chance I get to work myself up into a sweat!  There are a variety of workouts I like such as walking, hiking, yoga, and lifting a bit of iron.  Take me to a park, around the block, or to the gym!

     -These visits are usually between 90mins to 3hours

400 per 90 mins

​Upscale Dinner Date

​Looking for a classy lady to accompany you to an upscale venue? Whether it is lunch, dinner, or something in-between, a well mannered and appropriately dressed lady is a must!

    -These visits usually last up to 3hours

3hr dinner


Let's paint the town

700 for 4 hours

200 each add. hour

​Would you like to go dancing? Perhaps out to a sporting event?  Or a festival or amusement park?  Let's go out and paint the town! 

     -These visits usually last up to 4 hours.

​Netflix & Chill

​Quiet time at home is what you are craving?  Cuddling up in our PJs to either binge watch some NetFlix, or watch a movie is a good way to de-stress.  We can be the ultimate couch potatoes and order in dinner!

     -These visits usually last up to12 hours

2000 for12 hours

200 each add. hour

Oklahoma City Welcoming Committee

Would you like a warm welcome as you debark your plane? Picking up gentlemen at the airport is always exciting! After the luggage claim, I will transport you to your hotel.  We might stop for a quick bite to eat, or enjoy a nightcap together before you retire to your room.

     -These visits start at 2 hours

500 for 2 hours

200 each add. hour

Time Away - Let's Travel

​I have a passport, and I enjoy traveling!  I love history, and having the ability to travel and see it first hand is an absolute favorite past time! I have to admit, my heart belongs to the sea and it thrills me to be immersed in it.  One location still on my bucket list is Rome!  Let's get our suitcases ready and hit the runway!

     *Nature Lovers

A night out under the stars, resting from a hike and roasting marshmallows.... weather permitting.  

     -These visits are for 24 hours or longer



*Boyfriend Discount &

Hero Discount

50 off per meet up

   -Boyfriend- you have seen me 3x's or more

   -Hero- Teacher, Fire Fighter, Military, Dr./Nurse/EMT

*If food, room, travel, or any other expenses occur during our visit, you will be responsible since you will be my host.