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Balloon Fetish - "Looners"

A balloon fetish describes the sexual attraction to balloons. People with a balloon fetish call themselves looners. The sexual excitability is very individual and different. You can use them as an actual sex toy or just enjoy the presence of balloons. Basically, it´s all about the material, the shape, the look, the feel, the color, the flexibility and the high tension such a fragile object can take. There are a huge range and diversity of balloon types (small, middle, big, giant, round, long, figures, hearts and special shapes). For some looners the presence of balloons is enough to get sexually aroused, others need a little bit more of interaction. For example, you can blow it up, sit and lie on it, rub it, have sex on or with it and you can pop it in many different ways. You can enjoy this fetish alone or together with others and it´s also possible to combine it with other fetishes. All in all, looners mostly categorize themselves into three groups: Poppers, NonPoppers and something in between, called SemiPoppers.

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