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Sploshing: The Sexual Fetish Where People Sit On Cakes To Get Off

Oh boy.

The world of sexual fetishes is wide and weird. Gag balls, rimming, and foot jobs probably sound familiar to you, but the Sploshing sexual fetish might be something you’ve never heard of.

Just by the name, you might have a guess, but chances are, you’re wrong.

Sploshing refers to “sensation play with food.” People who are into this messy fantasy like to use food and drink of different temperatures and textures to excite their partner. It’s a way to get truly sensual through touch, sound, taste, and smell.

While Sploshers use a whole range of different foods, cakes have become quite the trend. Cake-sitting is huge within this frisky communityand the desserts are just as pretty as the butts sitting on them.

Dominatrix Mistress Shae Flanigan explained Sploshing in a little more detail: "When a freshly chilled cake first touches your behind, you can't help but let off a range of squeamish noises. Also, the surprisingly satisfying sound of a bum squashing a meringue is one sound I never thought I would come across, nor will I ever forget."

So, how exactly did the whole cake-sitting trend get under way? It seems to have started with a London-based confectionery company and food design studio, Bompas & Parr.

In an interview with Refinery29, they said, "One of the first calls we got was an inquiry about whether we catered for Splosh parties. Innocently, we looked online to see what this might involve, [and we found] a steamy scene where folks get turned on by sitting in puddles of baked beans."

While they opted out of catering that particular party, it did inspire them to whip up some fabulous-looking cakes for people to sit on instead. They spread the word around social media and hosted their very first Splosh party centered around cake-sitting.

During the cake-sitting session, photographer Jo Duck was on the scene to not only visually capture the event but to also interview the people who were participating.

When asking them about the experience, the Sploshers responded with comments like:

"I expected cake and jelly to be cold and difficult to clean off my bum. But I wasn’t expecting frozen ice cream to be quite so hard!"

“Cake-crushing should be made into a sport."

Just looking at some of these photos, I am kind of sad that they sat on those amazing cakes. I hope their butts were clean so they could eat them afterward. Wasting sweet, delicious cakes should be a sin.

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